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Stephen Laiche is a Grand Junction-based lawyer with concentration in criminal litigation. With more than 30 years of courtroom experience, his practice focuses on criminal defense representing accused persons.

Highlighted by commentators for his advocacy skills, courtroom presence, and experienced counsel, he is recognized as one of western Colorado’s most passionate and noteworthy attorneys. High priority is placed on time spent outside of the courthouse for Mr. Laiche. It’s not enough to merely show up for court, but rather the outside legwork that highlights his good results.

Mr. Laiche practices extensively throughout western Colorado and in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado. He is often called upon by the Judges of different jurisdictions to represent indigent persons accused of serious crimes. As a thought leader in his field, he also teaches constitutional law at Colorado Mesa University.

Prior to joining the firm, he served as Assistant Attorney General for the Louisiana Department of Justice and as Assistant District Attorney in both the New Orleans District Attorney’s Office and the Mesa County District Attorney’s Office.

The top focus of Mr. Laiche’s practice is to resourcefully reduce the sentence for his accused clients. Full pride is placed in walking a client through the front door and sending them home to their families with the best results possible.